Debian Package of the Day - Your Turn!

June 25, 2018 by Jonathan Carter

Welcome to Debian Package of the Day! For season 6, we hope to put together a week... or potentially a whole season of videos of debian packages that you create!


* Video should be less than 10 minutes long

* Video must be released under any free license

* Package must be from the Debian archive(ie. not from a PPA or from a Debian derivative)


* Deadline for submissions is 2018-08-20

* Publishing for these videos will start on 2018-09-03


* You can make up any format, you don’t have to follow mine

* However, I will publish some howtos on how I create and edit videos, which might help you form some new ideas

* Voiceover is not essential, but if you’re not going to talk then having some background music will help. Don’t use unredistributable music, I’ll link to good free-content music in my howto.

* Try to avoid “death by powerpoint”

* Please get in touch and let me know what you’re working on!This will help so that we avoid duplicates, and I’m happy to help you where I can.

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